IAAP encourages Activity Professionals to explore professional certification through a national organization. There are several options currently available. IAAP does not endorse or sponsor any of the organizations or websites listed below. The contact information serves only as a resource.

Note:  Some of the certification requirements currently include an exam, or will soon include an exam.

NCCAP – National Certification Council for Activity Professionals
P.O. Box 62589
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23466-2589
Phone number: 757-552-0653
E-mail:  http://www.nccap.org

NAAPCC – National Association of Activity Professional’s Credentialing Center
224 N. Hillbrook Ct
Aurora, CA 80018-1660
E-mail: naapcc.office@gmail.com
Website:  http://www.naapcc.net
Or call Brenda Scott at 303-317-5682.

NCTRC – National Council Therapeutic Recreation Certification
7 Elmwood Drive
New York, New York 10956
Phone: 845-639-1439
E-mail:  nctrc@NCTRC.org

Iowa Activity Coordinator
Des Moines Area Community College
Ankeny, IA
Activity Coordinator (ASM 291)
Aging Services Management Program
Instructor: Rhonda Danner rdanner@preshomes.org
Program Coordinator: Trish Stull (515)964-6262